Alvin Tan

I'm a


Software engineer from Singapore, loves solving big problems with small solutions.

Backend Developer with 0.01% frontend knowledge

Got thrown in the backend at the start of my career and never looked back.

  • YOE: 3
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  • City: Singapore
  • Age:
  • Degree: BS in Computer Science
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Learning never stops and these are the skills I picked up along the way.

Java 42%
Golang 42%
Python 42%
Springboot 42%
SQL 42%
Bash 42%



Alvin Tan

Resourceful and practical software engineer with 3+ years of experience designing and implementing software solutions from monoliths to microservices. With both experiences in on-premise servers and the cloud, I believe I possess the flexibility to excel in any environment.


Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

2016 - 2020

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Specialised in Cybersecurity and Datascience
Honours (Merit) Second Class (Lower) Honours

Professional Experience

Backend Developer

2021 - Present


  • Build, test and maintain more than 20 microservices written in Java Springboot and Go.
  • Lead integration with third party partners, dealing with OIDC, OAuth, webhooks and API authentication.
  • Drove initiative to develop and share developer tools to improve developer experience throughout the team.

Junior Software Engineer

2020 - 2021


  • Springboot microservices to build CRUD and ingestion pipeline applications.
  • Proficient in elasticsearch queries, boosting, tuning and aggregations.
  • On-premise deployment of mircroservices, working with clients' engineer for smoother deployment processes.
  • Managing elasticsearch and kafka clusters on-premise.


Somtimes I code during my free time.

  • All

Reddit SSD Bot

A reddit bot to comment on the SSD post on the r/buildapcsales subreddit with information about the SSD.

Telegram Expenses Bot

A telegram bot written in Go to record and export your daily expenses.

OCI Instance Bot

A bot to create an instance in the oracle cloud.